Empower Your Practice with Seamless Event Execution and Audience Building

The  Financial  Advisor's  Event  Kit

Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy with Rinse-and-Repeat Events and LinkedIn Audience Growth

Are you a busy financial advisor, spinning all the plates? 

You suspect events would be powerful for your practice but are overwhelmed at the thought of organizing it all and how do you get people to attend anyway?


Introducing The Financial Advisor's Event Kit – your comprehensive solution to effortlessly execute professional events, nurture a thriving audience on LinkedIn, and supercharge your brand, credibility, and lead generation.


We set up your event strategy with all the tech, posts, copy and messages you'll need and build it all out intentionally so you just have to make a few tweaks when you host your next event and then press GO. 

Event strategy set up so you have a rinse and repeat event strategy in place for your practice



Limited Time: You're overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks, leaving no room to organize successful events that truly represent your brand and expertise.

Audience Building Struggles: Building an engaged audience on LinkedIn feels like an insurmountable task, preventing you from effectively promoting your events to the right people.

Expensive Event Setups: Paying high fees to companies that don't highlight your unique brand and niche expertise, resulting in missed opportunities to grow your practice.

Our Solution: The Financial Advisor's Event Kit

Tech Setup Made Simple: We handle all the technical aspects, from creating stunning landing pages to seamless integration with your existing systems, saving you valuable time and effort.

Email Automations for Success: Leverage our proven email automations for registrations, reminders, and follow-ups, ensuring high attendance rates and enhanced engagement throughout the event cycle.

Facebook Ad Copy that Converts: Tap into the power of Facebook advertising with our expertly crafted ad copy, designed to attract your target audience and drive registrations for your events.

LinkedIn Messaging Strategies: Unlock the potential of LinkedIn with our tailored messaging strategies, helping you build an engaged audience, position yourself as the expert, and promote your events effectively.


or two monthly payments of $2423.5+hst

why host events?


Build Your Brand: Hosting events consistently establishes you as a trusted authority and builds a strong, recognizable brand that attracts quality clients.


Establish Credibility: Position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche by sharing valuable insights, experiences, and solutions during your events, earning the trust and respect of your audience.


Lead Generation Powerhouse: Regular events provide a continuous stream of high-quality leads, nurturing relationships and driving business growth.


Need leads? Turn on the event strategy and line up your next quarter. Want to take the summer off? Turn off the strategy. You're in control and can be nimble, taking action quickly because you have everything in place.


Owner of Hawthorne House Media, a boutique marketing agency focused on strategies for financial advisors.

I bring my background in financial services and combine it with my years of training and experience in digital marketing to build brands, generate leads and make our 1:1 clients the go-to advisors in their markets. 

It all starts with a strategy that can build with you.

Digital marketing is the most efficient way to grow your audience of prospects and events are a perfect way to bridge between the virtual world and your sales process.

The Financial Advisor's Event Kit was designed to support you in building a consistent event strategy, one that builds your brand and makes you the go-to expert in your market. 

Let’s talk faq's

what is my time committment?

We need an hour for your Brand Voice call. This gives us the info we need to create event content that is personalized to you. You will need to look over the sample content we send for approval and then that's it! 

What tech is included?

We take care of building a landing page where attendees can sign up for your events and we build out the emails automations that will kick out when they sign up, to nurture them pre-event and to follow up post event. We also include video lessons so you can quicly update the content in the future to suit your events. Rinse and repeat!

Will the content be compliant?

Yes! We will work with your safety needs and include any disclosures, logos, etc. that are required by your head office.

What is the commitment?

Your Event Kit covers the build out of one event, lessons so you or your team can easily update any details for subsequent events. We are always an email away and can jump in and help if you need anything! 

any other questions?

Email hello@hawthornehousemedia.com with any questions that you have.

who is this not  right for?

Your company doesn't let you do… anything

If you aren't able to make any autonomous marketing moves, it might not work. But if your company requires everything to be submitted or even built out by them, we can package it for you to hand it. There is usually a way!

You are looking for a quick fix

Events require an audience to invite. You need to focus on building one and keep it growing so you always have a pool of people to invite! Thats' why we include LinkedIn strategies in the Event Kit! This is a long term strategy.

you have a bad mindset

Committing to this strategy is committing to putting yourself out there consistently. And that… is hard. Can you start small, hosting 4 people and give yourself permission to grow? Imagine what your third and seventh event will be like if you can give yourself that space?

any other questions about if this is right for you?

Email hello@hawthornehousemedia.com with any questions that you have.

The Power of Rinse-and-Repeat Events:

Effortless Event Replication: Once your event framework is set up, effortlessly replicate successful events to continuously engage your audience, foster loyalty, and drive consistent lead generation. 

Niche Domination: Consistent event hosting positions you as the undisputed expert in your niche, creating inroads with your target market and fostering lasting client relationships.

Ready to Take Your Practice to New Heights?

Get Started with The Financial Advisor's Event Kit!


Comprehensive Tech Setup: Our team will handle the technical aspects, ensuring a seamless set up experience from start to finish.


Customizable Solutions: Tailor the event assets, email automations, Facebook ad copy, and LinkedIn messaging to align with your unique brand and target audience.


Ongoing Support and Expert Guidance: Benefit from our dedicated support team, providing assistance throughout the event planning and execution process.


Video Library: Don't worry about remembering how to edit your landing page in a year's time. We have quick videos and super easy set up so you don't have to worry. Plus, we're always there to help if you need more support.


Social media posts that you can use for every event. Just tweak the details and get them out there! 


LinkedIn messaging strategy tailored to your expertise and niche. Just copy and paste to grow your network and potential attendees list!


Facebook ad copy and creatives you can plug and play for each event.